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Peter Graham
Peter Graham ✭✭
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We have a transaction sheet logging Purchase Orders and then attaching Invoices when received. The sheet is approx 750 rows with 80-90% of them having invoices?

A junior in the office has managed to delete all the attachments in one go (600+) and we are struggling to find obvious way to recover them.

My colleague (account owner) gets back up emails every week however this sheet was saved in a 'Workspace' and research suggests the back-up email is only for his personal sheets and not the worksheets? If we can recover in Back up email, can someone provide instruction on how to use the back up email for 1x sheet only?

Please, any help is much appreciated otherwise the junior is spending the next year have to search through and find all the invoices in emails!! Poor kid!

Thank you in advance

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  • Devin Lee
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    @Peter Graham

    If the sheet is backed up you access it though the browse option. Right-click on the sheet and select Request Backup. Then a window will open up and select View Recent Backups. Moving forward I would suggest putting sheets into a Workspace and using the Schedule Reoccurring Backup feature which is currently only available for Workspaces.