Nested IF FIND formula

I am trying to use an IF/FIND formula to validate a columns value to make sure it is a "valid" email address. It must contain "". I was able to find a solution to work with that scenario. However, I have discovered that if a user puts the email address in capital letters, it won't catch that. So "@XXX.COM" would be flagged as not a proper email format.

Here is the formula I am using that I was able to find here in the Smartsheet community originally.

=IF(FIND("", [Applicant Email Address]@row, 1) > 0, 0, 1). Formula works well for just the one variation.

I need to have a formula that will look at the column and determine if it contains either of those two options (lowercase or uppercase).

Is there a way to nest an IF/FIND formula to accomplish this? Any help is appreciated.


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