How to get top 5 most caused services from countifs roll-up by month

I work for a bath remodeling company and we want to track the top 5 reasons we have services from our service calendar in Smartsheet. I created a COUNTIFS roll-up formula that is below and located in the children rows below Top # 1 Service from pic:

=COUNTIFS({Nature}, $Label@row, {Month}, INDEX(ANCESTORS(), 1), {year}, INDEX(ANCESTORS($Label@row), 1)) + COUNTIFS({COMPLETED-nature}, $Label@row, {COMPLETED-month}, INDEX(ANCESTORS(), 1), {COMPLETED-years}, INDEX(ANCESTORS($Label@row), 1))

I've seen things on here for the Large function or the Rankeq function but when I include a formula for either on the parent row, if gives me a circular reference or a blocked reference for the cell and children. I would like the parent row to include the Top # 1 service from the label row and the number from the roll-up next to it (ex. Silicone 52). Once I get this right, I was going to copy and paste the whole thing to find the Top # 2 service and so on. We want this data by month so we can track trends and other metrics in one sheet.


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    It's your ancestors reference that is causing the issue. Change them to an absolute reference to the first cell and it will work.



    turns into



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