Managing complex, multi-sheet schedules

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We are building a large multi-family project. We set up our schedules to be broken out by building permit shell and units. There are 99 sheets in total built using the standard project template with some customizations.

Our plan was to roll up these sheets into reports that would allow a project manager to easily update multiple sheets at once. The problem is that dates cannot be updated in a report because of the dependencies.

This forces PMs to click into 100+ individual sheets to keep their schedules up to date on our complex schedules. Obviously, this is unacceptable.

Has anyone else dealt with a complete project like this?

How do we get around this?

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  • Nakita Reed

    I use this feature to see milestones (duration = 0) across multiple projects and am able to adjust the dates from the report which allows them to be updated in the sheet. The rolled up date would be dependent on everything else but you'd be able to update individual rows if they're showing up on the report. One caveat is that you'd have to save and reload/refresh the url for the schedule to actually repopulate with the changes.

    Another workaround I've used when wanting to split schedule views in the report (ie. schedule for subs, for client, for team members, etc.) is to add a checkbox column for each category and then run the report to pull back the line items with the desired checkbox.

    You may have already solved it but figured I'd share in case it's helpful.