Smartsheets & Resource Management - Auto Update

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It appears that when you integrate Resource Management with Smartsheets that you have to manually click Update for the updates made in the Smartsheet to transfer over to Resource Management. Is that true?

Is there a way to have it auto update? I can see that certain changes in Resource Management auto flow back to Smartsheets, but I cannot find anything about whether changes made in Smartsheets will auto flow to Resource Management.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @slockaby

    You are correct, you will need to manually click the Update button in the Panel in Smartsheet order to push the changes you made in your sheet over to Resource Management. This is intentional as it allows you to preview the changes that will occur in the panel before sending the update over.

    If you have feedback on the Panel, please let the Product team know by filling in this form here and outlining your specific use-case!



  • vishrut.patel

    This seems a limitation in our case where we have several projects and unlicensed project leaders that make allocation changes. While only a few licensed users that can access the resource management tool. Is there a way to "cheat the system" by merge all project plans into one report and updating the allocation from there?

  • Tim Morgan
    Tim Morgan ✭✭✭

    I agree that this design decision limits the usability of Resource Management as a tool.

    Given the number of projects (and engaged resources) that we're trying to manage using Resource Management, it simply isn't feasible to manually update each source sheet/plan in order to see an accurate picture of resource allocations within Resource Management.

    I have no shot of getting my constituents to buy into a system that requires manually touching potentially hundreds of sheets each time we attempt to assess resources in RM.

    I'll submit enhancement suggestion to see if there's an opportunity to revisit this design decision.