Trouble Changing permission in a sheet from Viewer to Editor


Dear all,

I have changed a collaborator in a worksheet from viewer to editor - can share. I can see this has updated as can the other contributors in the project. However the individual is not seeing the change in his system and he is still unable to edit the project worksheet.

After 2 days the SS Helpdesk has not responded and I am unclear what this issue would be? FYI I have also upgraded other collaborators with no issue at the same time. I have deleted this individual from the project and re-sent an invite with upgraded access - and even after he has accepted the new invite his access still has not changed. There are only 4 collaborators in the program (inc the collaborator with this issue) so there is no license issue.

Any advice would be welcomed - this particular collaborator is my CEO so typically a high profile issue which I need to resolve! If something is going to go wrong it is always going to be with the boss :-(.

With thanks in advance. David