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Newest date in children input text

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hi everyone

Is it possible to automatically input data from all children regarding newest date to parent?


For example I have 10 children, with text and multiple dates in the same children row, I want it to automatically upon newest date in specified collumn in all children input the text in the text collumn from that children to parent? (screenshot)



  • TL;DR:




    MAX(CHILDREN(Date1)) finds the value of latest change

    MATCH(that value, CHILDREN(date1), 0) tells you the relative row number of that value

    INDEX(CHILDREN(), that match index) gives you the value in this column on that row number, which is what you wanted


    index of match of max.png

  • Sorry for the late reply.


    Thank you! It is working as it should!

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