Automate "Request an update" via Slack

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Is there anyway to automate "Request an Update" using slack. I have successfully set up automated tasks through slack, I have also set up automation using the "Request an Update" function to send a update form to email, however I was wondering if it is possible to do this very same thing in a slack channel? It doesn't appear that there is an option to allow this functionality. Our communication is done primarily through slack and instead of having this form sent to a recipients email, I would like to centralize everything and have the update form sent to the same slack channel that the other automated messages are sent to but it looks like it is not an option to do so.


  • JBerm
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    Solved: If anyone is interested in how to perform this task here is what I had done.

    1. In slack locate the channel you would like an Update request sent to. When the channel is selected, on the top of the screen you will see a drop down arrow next to the channel name.
    2. From the drop down options select "Integrations"
    3. There will be an option to "Send emails to this channel" select that option. When selected, you can copy the slack channel email address by selecting the copy radio button on the right.
    4. Now that your slack channel email is copied, move back over to the smartsheet you are building an automated task for.
    5. For the add action ensure you select "Request an Update", from there select the drop down for "Send to specific people" and paste your slack channel email you had copied in that cell. ]
    6. Save the workflow.

    Depending on how you have your workflow set up, whenever a change is made to the specific worksheet you are working on an email message will be sent straight to the slack channel.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @JBerm

    Thank you for posting your solution! I have to admit I've never thought of leveraging the "send emails to this channel" feature in Slack to send Update Requests to a channel... very clever.



  • That's smart! I'm going to use your suggestion immediately. Thank you!

    Would you mind sharing your automation using the "Request an Update" function to send a update form to email?