Button "Open Source Report to View More" cannot be removed from widgets

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I am building a dashboard that includes a number of report widgets. I've noticed that some of these widgets show a green coloured button at the bottom that says "Open source report to view more". This button overlays on top of and obscures data for the bottom row of each report widget where it appears. I would like to remove the button so that data is unobscured, but nothing I try seems to control whether it appears or not.

The only widget setting that seems to make sense is the one under Widget Behavior \ "When someone clicks this widget". However, the button appears regardless of however I configure this setting. In fact, when I do configure this setting, for example to "Open the data source", then the button becomes redundant, but it still appears and obscures report data.

This has been frustrating. To work around it I am purposefully making my report widgets taller than they need to be, just so that this button appears over dead space instead of obscuring data.

Can anyone advise on how to control the appearance of this button?

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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @Chauncey Lee

    It sounds like you may be displaying your Report as only the Grouped and Summarized rows in the Report Widget, is that correct?

    If so, there currently isn't a way to remove the "Open Source Report" button from the widget. Your solution of making the widget taller so that the button hovers over blank space is exactly what I would suggest.

    Please provide your feedback on the widget formatting to our Product team, here!