Report not combining columns

edited 01/27/22 in Smartsheet Basics

I am trying to build a report from 3 different sheets. We have checked and double checked to make sure the column names are identical. But each time I try to build to report, the columns don't line up. We have two different columns named "Team" and two named "Quarter" and so on. Two of the sheets seem to match up in the report, but the other sheet does not. Any idea why?


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @jamesmlee2

    In addition to the column names being the same, have you checked to make sure the column types are the same, too?

    The columns will need to match in terms of their column properties.

    For example, if one column "Team" is set as a single-select dropdown but in another sheet this "Team" column is multi-select, these will be seen as two different columns in a Report.

    Also check to see if all your columns have the same restrictions applied (ex. "Restrict to dropdown values only" box checked or not).



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