Changing the From/Reply Email for Automated Notifications

I'm building a sheet that has a lot of automated notifications going out to employees in our company and potentially individuals outside of our company, and we'd like the From/Reply email address to be a generic email address of [email protected] (as an example), instead of being an individual person. The body of the email message provides information about who to contact if needed.

I've reached out to Smartsheet support for help but haven't received a response so I thought I'd try here to see if anyone has had any luck figuring this out. One thing I tested was creating a licensed Smartsheet account with the [email protected] email address, making that account the owner of the sheet and even creating the automation workflow through that account. What I'm finding is that if I make a change to data on the sheet that triggers the workflow it depends on which account is making that change on who appears as the From/Reply address. If I change data in the sheet to trigger the workflow from my own account it comes from Bethany Garcia. If I do it through the donotreply account it then comes from that address. It isn't feasible to do that ongoing though, as people with individual accounts will be making the changes, we just want those emails to all come from the donotreply account.

Any suggestions/ideas? I've also posted this as a feature enhancement, it would be great if you could administratively set an email address for all automated notifications to come from if you prefer that over a named user account.