How to automatically add a "Date+2 days" formula to a cell when a new row is added?

In our request tracking database, currently if a Date Requested is "in the past" and another condition is not met, the entire row turns red to alert us of a new request. This is great, except that sometimes the request comes in after hours, and first thing the next morning the row is red. This gives our clients the impression that we're not on the ball, and we'd like to give ourselves 48 hours before the row changes color.

I've created a helper column "Request date + 2 work days" and added this formula, which works manually: =WORKDAY([Date of Request]@row, +2)

How can I add an automated workflow such that as soon as a user submits a new request via our request form (meaning, a new row is added into the sheet), this formula is added to the new empty cell in the "Request date + 2 work days" column?

I've tried the Change Cell Value workflow, but it doesn't include date columns in the Change Cell Value / Select a Column dropdown. The formula doesn't work if column is anything but a date property. The Record a Date option only inputs the current date. Seems like it should be easy. What am I missing? Thanks.



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