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Web mail notification

Hello, I am new to web forms and have a question. I created a web form, which a client will fill out to create a work order form, once the form has been filled out and it's completed, there is a link for them to enter their email address to notify them of their submission.

How can I create an alert notification to the client, once the job has been completed?

I have added an additional field for the client to enter their email address and an alert, but it does not work.



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  • Mitch.Shaffer
    edited 04/28/17

    Include a Contact List column in which your clients will put their email address. Add either a Checkbox, Dropdown List, or Symbol column that you will use to signify when a work order has been completed. Then, create a notification using the "When there are changes in specific columns" option and set up the notification to go the address list in your Contact List column. You will also be able to set the criteria for the notification, including what will trigger the notification, the frequency, and what is included in the message to the client.

  • Thank you Mitch for your response. Previously I added two fields "Client Email Address"  and a "Status", then created an alert to generate a response when Status changes to "Completed" from a drop down list. The notification is set to be sent "Right Away" to the client whose email address in in the "Client Email Address", but it still is not working. :(

  • Mitch.Shaffer
    edited 04/28/17

    I just tried it again. When I tested the process with my work email address (one that is already in our global Smartsheet contact list) it worked perfectly. I tried it with my personal email address and never received a message. Interesting...

  • Shaine Greenwood
    Shaine Greenwood Employee
    edited 04/28/17


    There isn't a way to create a notification for someone that isn't shared to the sheet.

    You might consider creating a notification for yourself that alerts you to changes, then go to the sheet and send them the rows as email attachments: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/504773-sending-sheets-rows-via-email

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