SCC Global Updates - Requires multiple rounds to process 100%, and even then still not 100%?

Matt Stewart
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So every Global Update i have pushed, no matter how simple or complicated of a push, it has resulted in only partially completing. I would then need to go on to run this same update maybe 4 or 5 times before the system tells me it is fully applied.

I could deal with that... if it was really fully applied. However upon looking into a few of my completed global updates I have found numerous cases where it has not been applied, making incredibly unreliable and therefore useless. Is this common?

For example, i pushed a ADD Profile Data, with a formula =[Task Status]40. After 5 runs, it said complete. However out of the handful i checked at least 3 were not done. So without manually checking all 1000 projects, how do i address this? If i push another Global Update with the same profile name and use the formula =[Task Status]40 ... this might cause some sheets to have the same profile data listed twice but have the wrong cell linked in one of them, as adding the profile data row will push the linked content to row 41 if it gets added a second time.

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  • Stefan
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    Hi @Matt Stewart,

    sorry, I will not be able to help and assume you already contacted Smartsheet pro support.

    I never used SCC in that scale and never have seen those problems, so it might have to do with the massive amount of data in 1.000 projects.

    Did you always have these problems, or... did you just became aware that there is a problem/has it appeared only recently?

    Good luck!


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  • im new to SS and SCC, this is our first adventure. So not sure what is going on or what to compare to.

    What I can say is that i have also recently started testing pushing updates to smaller #'s of projects instead of the entire fleet. However it is the same exact result. Even pushing the update to 20 projects requires 3-5 rounds, each time having a number of failed connections. Sometimes the Fail is instant as soon as i start the update.

    The entire process has been frustrating in trying to maintain thus far in what i would presume is the most simple use cases.

  • Here is an example of my latest push.

    Pushing to a sheet with maybe 5000 cells. The sheet has 1 inbound link, and then there is 1 project sheet that uses this sheet via 2 ranges for an index/match lookup. The sheet itself is mostly static values, with maybe 300 or so cells using a simple =[column name]@row formula. So its an incredibly simple and low resource sheet i would presume.

    I wanted to push several find/replace updates in this sheet at once which would apply to entire 1000 projects in SCC. However to simplify it further i instead am making only 2 cell changes right now which would only then apply to the 68 projects benefiting from this specific change. This is changing the =[Column Name]@row to a static value.

    • 1st push: 32 out of 68 successful
    • 2nd push: 21 out of 55 successful
    • 3rd push: 1 out of 15 successful
    • 4th push: 8 out of 14 successful
    • 5th push: 1 out of 6 successful

    after that i decided to change the remaining 5 myself manually.

    Now i have to do something similar for the other changes needed that will affect various sized batches of projects for the rest of the fleet.

    This is not what i imagined for a global update.

  • Andrée Starå
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    Hi @Matt Stewart

    I hope you're well and safe!

    That's not working as intended, and I suspect it might be something wrong/mismatch in the Blueprint.

    If you haven’t already, I recommend reaching out to the Smartsheet Support Team.

    I hope that helps!

    Be safe and have a fantastic weekend!


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