Request an Update Automation - specific rows


I have a form that asks for three names separately. Three different roles.

The last question on the form asks, “Request an Update”. Defaults yes

The worksheet has three columns to match the name/role.

Column properties set as “contact list”

Automation uses “Request an Update”

·        Trigger: When rows are changed AND when 'role1 E-Mail' changes to Any Value, or when 'role2 E-mail' changes to Any Value, or when 'role3 E-mail' changes to Any Value

·        Actions: Request an update

·        Recipients: Contacts in 'role1 E-Mail', Contacts in role2 E-mail', Contacts in role3 E-mail'

 Question: With every new form submitted (new order) with either same, mostly same, or different names is the “Request an Update” only specific to that row?

What I am hoping to accomplish is that the original submission generates a “Request an update” back to three named individuals to submit a 2nd or, if need be, a 3rd time if any additions/changes are needed. But again, it must stay specific to that row only.

Will I get the outcome I am hoping for with what I described above?