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Hi All - We are using document builder and recently added a new column in our Smartsheet sheet that we are now trying to map to the editable PDF in document builder, however that new column is not showing up in order for us to be able to map it. Any suggestions or thoughts on why?


Kristine Gagne

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Kristine Gagne, CSM, CSSGB

    The new column should appear on the left hand side as a new column to map.

    Where is the column located? The column order on the left of the Document Builder will be in line with the column order in your sheet. Try dragging that column to the very Left of your sheet and see if it then appears at the top of your list to select.

    Another thing to try is to fully log out of Smartsheet, then log back in to see if this helps "update" the builder so it recognizes the new column.

    If this still hasn't helped, can you clarify what type of column you've added? It would also be useful to see screen captures, but please block out sensitive data.



  • Kristine Gagne, CSM, CSSGB
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    We got it to work, thank you!