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I am trying to use a combination of Data Shuttle and Data Mesh to 1. Keep a main data set up to date and 2. Based on the region the data belongs to, allow coworkers access to specific fields.

My original idea is/was to use Data Shuttle to import an employee data file to a Base Sheet. That file would be updated once a week as employees are hired, terminated, and existing employees have changes made to their records. Keeping the Base Sheet in sync seems pretty straight forward.

Here's the issue I'm running into. The Base Sheet has a value called region that determines who is responsible for managing that employee population. I've created individual sheets for the various regions that are tied to the Base Sheet. I want to use Data Mesh to connect the Base Sheet and the various region sheets based on the value in the region column. When I'm setting up Data Mesh, there is no option for a filter. As it stands it will only allow me to connect all the rows regardless of region to a sheet. Has anyone run into this situation previously and been able to come up with a solution?

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Khari Shiver

    There currently isn't a way to break out a sheet using Data Mesh in this way. Without knowing too much about your process, I would say that if your plan has access to it, either using Dynamic View, or splitting up your master sheet by using multiple Reports instead of sheets, then sharing these Reports via a WorkApp would be better.

    This way as you update the source sheet it will automatically flow out to the Dynamic View or Reports and vice-versa. Reports can be shared to Editors in a Workapp without giving the users permissions to the underlying sheet. See: Add Roles to a Workapp