Copy only attachments from one Sheet to another


Could you please provide me steps to copy attachments from one sheet to another. But I do not need any other columns, only the attachment.


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    Hi @Shwetha Sakaray

    Sounds like an interesting scenario. I'm not sure this is a particularly elegant or efficient approach, but depending on what you are trying to achieve it may satisfy the requirement:

    1. Create an automation to copy rows when they are added from your first sheet to the second sheet.This will copy attachments as well.
    2. In the second sheet you could create an automation when new rows are added that clears the cell value of each column in the second sheet.

    The challenge here is that you have a copy of your first sheet (structurally, i.e. with all the columns) but they are just blank and depending on how your rows are created in the first sheet, all comments will also be copied to the second sheet.

    I hope this helps as a way of looking at the scenario!


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