Requesting update to specific people and only linking their projects


I'm keeping a portfolio of my teams projects (150+). Once a week, I'd like to send out a request update for each person to update their assigned projects. I can't figure out how to send out the request update only to those linked to their projects. As an example, I added a condition that if Project Led by was "my name" then send me an update. Unfortunately it sent me an email with all 150+ projects to update. And I couldn't hit save/submit until I got to the end of the project list. Can anyone tell me how to make this linking work so it's actually efficient?


  • Nichole F.

    I use the Request an Update automated workflow template to start where each row has a specific contact.

    Trigger = When a date is reached (customize to day, time, and how often)

    Condition = Based on any cell in your sheet - this can be by status(es), dates, % complete, etc.

    Request an update = Send to contacts in a cell (use the drop down - I think you might have used the send to specific person and received everything) and then select your contact cell Project Led by or Assigned to, etc.

    You can customize the message and send specific fields you want updated.