System Administrator Question


As one of our Smartsheet admins, when someone wants to request a paid license, they can request this by clicking on a link within a document. I don't want this option available for people to click on in our system, I would like to customize that to a smartsheet form that actually goes to their supervisor first, then to us after approval to add the license. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thank you!


  • Nichole F.

    It's possible but your form sheet would need to be setup with a lookup formula to pull in the supervisor contact information and then create a workflow to request their approval when the row is added. From their, once they log their response, then a 2nd workflow can be triggered to notify your team.

  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Kris Peeters

    The specific automated notification you're talking about, a Licensed Request, will automatically go to all System Admins for your organization who have the ability in Smartsheet to grant the request. There currently isn't a way to customize that link or have the email send to a specific person.

    You could create an internal process for license requests with your own form, perhaps housed on a company Dashboard, but the License Request buttons that are generated by the Smartsheet app would still be visible; you'd need to educate your employees on what link to use.

    Please also provide your feedback to the Product team around the customization you would find helpful but filling in this form, here.