Nightly Automation with Today Formula

I seem to have a 'ghost' in my sheet where only half of my automated workflow seems to work on any given day.

My sheet (called a playbook) has half of the rows with =Today() date formula, and the other half with a hard-coded date; each night at 11:00pm PST my worflow copies the Today rows to a 2nd sheet (called a tracker) and then moves any other date to the same tracker.

In the tracker, the rows sit until 12:00AM PST and then rows 1 day in the past move back to the playbook.

This is a daily automation, and once a week the 'ghost' pops in where rows in the tracker (1 day in the past) are not making it back into the playbook and the today formula is lost.

Now I have the same exact workflow and logic built into 3 playbooks, and this ghost pops up once a week on any given sheet and any given day.



  • boscod35
    boscod35 ✭✭✭

    Hi Nichole,

    I too face the same issue, based on my finding the date format and server date are mismatching and causing issues. It also depends on the region where you are located.

    Try the smartsheet date setting what you have and the format in the sheet cell range. keep observing for a day and I hope you should be able to find the GAP to fix it.

    Let me know!



  • Thanks @boscod35 - my sheets are created on the PST however is accessed nationwide. We have asked users to stay out during the 2 hour period for archiving or copy/move rows.

    Luckily this week we had no errors but maybe the ghost is hibernating - fingers crossed.

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