Adding Hour Duration to your project schedule and predeccesors


Hi I am attempting to move our production schedule from MS Project to Smartsheet. But I am having difficulty with showing the start times and finish times per task and have it auto-update based on the hours manually entered into the sheet..

The duration column reads days only, and the sheet only shows start date and finish date based on this column. I would also like it to show the start time of the job, say 6am, if duration is 3 hours then finish time is 9am, and so on.

see below snapshot of my smartheet as it is, with a snapshot of our MSProject schedule


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @JM1

    I answered your other post, here, as well. Smartsheet doesn't currently have the ability to set Time along with dates as the Start/End of tasks. You can set a Duration to be in hours (ex. 3h) on a specific day, but it won't show what hours those are. This could be identified in a separate helper column, if needed.

    If you're using Smartsheet to track resources over time and dates, I would recommend looking into Resource Management by Smartsheet and the Resource Management Panel.



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