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@Genevieve P. Hi Genevieve hope you had a nice weekend 😃!

just to report I have made the changes and it looks ALOT better than I had but I am still working on it.

I wanted to ask a another question yourself and the Smartsheet community as well. one of my columns types is a Contact list. I have added email address to this and is now a drop down.

I wanted to know how I would delete a email address from the list and from it auto populating as I do not want to see the same of the person again. hope that makes sense.

Thank you all in advance.


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    Hi @Majid Kayani

    I'm glad to hear that your sheets and reports are starting to look how you want them to!

    For Contact Columns, if you've added a contact you no longer want to see, you'll want to delete out that contact from being anywhere in the column. (When you make a selection in the dropdown once, it will remember it when you type in other cells).

    After you've removed it from any of the cells, check to make sure this isn't a value set in the Contact Column Properties, either, by double-clicking on the column name:

    Here's a Help Article that goes through Contacts in a Contact Column: Manage which contacts appear when you type in a cell