Customer Survey and NPS Scoring

I have set up of customer survey that includes an NPS question. I am not too familiar with reporting and dashboards yet, so I am having a difficult time envisioning where I should do my NPS calculations ie. Intake sheet, separate sheet, report, etc. This is also my first "solution" build. Currently, I am putting the formulas into the summary sheet to check the formulas and get some high-level metrics.

  1. Where should I be doing my calculations - for adding to a dashboard eventually?
  2. Can someone please confirm these formulas that I currently have set up in my summary sheet? Also, if there is a way to come up with an NPS score with one formula that would be best :) I could not find anything in the community or support section.

a. # of Promoters =COUNTIF([Likeliness to Refer]:[Likeliness to Refer], - this seems to be working

b. # Detractors =COUNTIF([Likeliness to Refer]:[Likeliness to Refer], <=6) - this seems to be working

c. # of Neutrals =COUNTIFS([Likeliness to Refer]:[Likeliness to Refer], =7, [Likeliness to Refer]:[Likeliness to Refer], =8) - THIS IS NOT WORKING - it is returning an incorrect count

Attached is a screenshot of the survey answers on the intake sheet - This is all test data.

Thanks in advance!

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