How to troubleshoot issues with submitting forms?


I am using Smartsheet forms to collect information from external partners (they don't have Smartsheet accounts). A few respondents are not able to submit their form. They are able to open and fill out, but they say the "submit button is not working". We've tried to troubleshoot by using a different browser, but that hasn't helped. Also, all Smartsheet security options in the form are unchecked.

Are there recommended browsers or browser settings that will prevent this from happening?



  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Public Health Emily

    If your users are getting to the bottom of the form but they're unable to Submit, is it possible that there are Required Fields that haven't been filled out which is why it won't complete the form? In this instance there should be a message at the top and a Red Note next to the field that needs to be filled out:

    It is also possible that there's a browser extension that may be preventing the form from working as expected; you may want to test turning off all extensions then filling out the form again. (Here's an article with some Browser Troubleshooting tips).



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