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Tim Leavitt
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Hi Community, 

We are excited to announce the launch of Smartsheet University’s new certification program, Smartsheet Certified. In 2022 the Smartsheet Certified program will be releasing a series of certifications that are industry standard and developed by subject matter experts.

The new Core Product Certification exam will be the first certification released by Smartsheet University,  Smartsheet Certified. This new exam validates your ability to build and configure collaborative work environments and tests on your ability to create and organize information within a sheet, create and implement automated workflows, write formulas, build forms, and create and deploy reports and dashboards. Getting the new Core Product Certification demonstrates your knowledge of Smartsheet core product capabilities and can help you stand apart as a professional in your field.  

Join the thousands of professionals that are Smartsheet certified and get your new Core Product Certification today! Visit Smartsheet Certified for more information. 




  • I am an Implementation Manger with a background in nuclear medicine and B.A. and Masters Degree in Information Technology. I work for a large BioTech company and I use SmartSheet, literally, hourly. It is an enterprise-wide, web-based application that we use to track multiple projects, report out to stakeholders and track project status via the dashboard. I have spent countelss hours in SmartSheet, creating formulas, workflows and visuals to aid our company's intiatives.

    I just finished taking the Core Product Certification and failed with a score of 44/60 (passing is 48/60 or 80%). Having taken many test, certifications, and licensing exams, I understand need to display a comprehension of the material and apply it to real-life scenairos. I also understand SmartSheet's vigor to uphold a certain standard for the holders of this certification. Having said that, I do not understand why SmartSheet would operate outside of the industry standard of 70% as a passing score.

    I have personally attained the following certifications/licenses (not including non-industry licenses):




    CompTIA Security +

    CompTIA Network +

    CompTIA Project +



    Microsoft Database Admin.

    CIW UX Design

    As you can see, the list contains some of the Industry's leaders in the technology space.

    I say that to say this: SmartSheet is a great tool that is applicable to most industries and can be a technology implemented to leverage growth. Having said that, I do believe SmartSheet should move forward with aligning with industry standards for comprehensive testing. Not doing so could imply, to it's user population and future comsumers, a level of industry-desynchronnization that may be linked to objectives and agendas outside of user comprehension, development, and growth.

    In conclusion, I hope this post aids future test-takers and consumers of the product and incites the product owners of SmartSheet to review the standards of the industry in which it is incorporated.

    Fair well during these tough times, stay healthy, and safe.

  • I am currently a Smartsheet Product Certified User, with certification valid into June. Is there a way for me to renew this certification without paying for the new Core Product Certification exam?

  • hilaryj
    hilaryj ✭✭

    I received 2022 Core Product Certification in May 2022. Does this certification count towards PDUs for PMI?

  • Meg Y
    Meg Y ✭✭✭✭✭

    @hilaryj - I submit most of mine even when unsure if they will count. Smartsheet is an approved provider so that could be a bonus. I'm curious what you find out.

    Meg Y

    Meg Young

  • Shane Beam
    Shane Beam ✭✭✭

    Is there some type of Practice test one can take prior to shelling out the cash for the certification test? I am self taught and would like to know what is included with the test to see if I have a prayer of passing. I use smartsheet every day but my use cases are atypical.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Shane Beam

    Here's a page with Core Product Certification Resources that you can go through before taking the Exam, and this page has a detailed list of the Exam Content so you can see what's included: 2022 Core Product Certification



  • Cassi
    Cassi ✭✭✭✭✭

    I think it would be amazing to have a practice test as many individuals with test anxiety especially when money is involved.