Sharing - Permissions by Subfolder or Workgroup


I want to create a structure (I don't care if it is a folder or a workspace) for a project with 3 sheets and 2 subfolders. Each subfolder contains 2 additional sheets. I want to share the project structure with my customer, but I don't want to share the subfolders (one folder has financial information and the other has helper reports for the dashboard).

Problems with a Workspace

If I create the project as a workspace and grant my customers access to the workspace, they get access to everything including subfolders.

If I grant access to specific sheets in the workspace that keeps my subfolders internal, but the sheets are shared as individual sheets to my customers. As a result, my customers lose the readability of having the sheets grouped into folders by project (all the shared sheets of multiple projects come into a single directory for the user)

Problems with a Folder

If I create the project in the folder space (again 3 sheets and 2 subfolders), I can ONLY share at the sheet level. So again I can keep the subfolders internal, but as before my customer loses the readability of having the sheets grouped by project.

I am kind of new to Smartsheet. Am I missing something or is there a workaround?


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  • mattstoc
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    Thank you for the reply. That is the solution I came up with as well. The primary drawback is I put data that should reside in a single place (all the project data) in two separate places depending on who is using it. It is just not as logically clean.

    Have a great day.