Reports, Group and Summary options


I realize that the primary column must be viewable (unhidden) in order to see the Group and Summary titles when using those functions in a report. The issue I am running into is the name of the Group and/or Summary is a bit long. In order for it to fully display, the column must be very wide. Any ideas on how I can "merge" cells (like excel) or have the words run across the columns? Ideally I'd like to hid the Primary column as it is redundant, in this particular situation.

Not as important but curious, is there a way to tell the report where to place the group or summary totals? Maybe at the bottom of the grouping instead of the top?

Thank you,



  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @CAllen

    Currently the formatting of the Grouping and Summary rows is set to be at the top of the groups, and the title of the Group is set to that one Primary Column cell. There isn't a way to adjust this formatting other than expanding out the column, or to customize where the data appears.

    Please provide your feedback to the Product team about this by filling in this form, here, identifying your use-case and how these changes would positively affect your work.



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