Sorting from Filtered tasks & Auto-Alert with properly sequenced task list to individual users



2 Questions:

1) When I have filtered task lists and I want to sort sequentially; the sort option is disabled. Is there any way to sort tasks on filtered tasks list? (see below). I tried to sort by adding WBS column with format of 1, 1.1, 1.1.1, etc with various levels/hierarchy; however, that did not work either. What is the best practice is showing the sequence.

2) Is there any way to automate and alert task assignees with a report of tasks that is only applicable to them and properly sequenced. For example, I would like the person to see a list of tasks that are ordered in sequence starting with earliest and ending with latest tasks? IF so, Can that be accomplished with an automated alert where multiple assignees are selected or I need to create a single alert for each task assignee?

Thanks much!