Resource Management View + SmartSheet Sync Issues

Nikki. A
Nikki. A ✭✭
edited 03/07/22 in Smartsheet Basics

I have several issues with the resource management view and smartsheet.


I have setup a sheet that has all my members and their allocated tasks as well as the % of the time they are allocated to. The assignees column are added as a contact list. all members have allocation %s.

Problem 1:

When I enable resource management , all I see in the panel is a high level % that is not even readable :

Problem 2:

If instead of resource management modern, I use the legacy option and then follow the instructions here: I can only view the high level % allocation of users

Problem 3:

When I go to resource view, even after selecting all users and selecting the data range that I need, I still get an empty view.

I've read all the posts here and they've all been unhelpful.