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Hi folks,

I've needed to extend a formula to add in a lot more people under more conditions. I'm getting the syntax error but I don't think it's the quote marks and the column that the formula is in is definitely 'text/number'.

Currently, there's a formula with 5 IF statements that works with no issues with each statement like this:

=IF([Assigned To]@row = "ABC department", "Colleague name" etc.

The new changes are dependent on a couple of columns so I was going to add in some IFs and ANDs to navigate that:

I've done that like this for the 12 extra colleagues that need adding, (using a different formula that I know works and contains IFs with ANDS to guide me):

Per colleague remit:

=IF((AND([product]@row = "ABC", [sub-product]@row = "DEF"), "Colleague name"), 

I hope this isn't too minimal an example - does anyone have any suggestions, please?

Many thanks,



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  • Heather Duff
    Heather Duff ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hi @SKP ,

    Without seeing the actual formula, it looks like you currently have an extra set of parenthesis.

    =IF(AND([product]@row = "ABC", [sub-product]@row = "DEF"), "Colleague name",IF(AND([product]@row = "GHI", [sub-product]@row = "JKL", "Other colleague name", IF(AND...

    Hope this helps! If it doesn't fix it and you want to provide a screenshot of your formula, you can redact any sensitive information.




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