Revert to Standard Smartsheet Logo

I downgraded from Business to Pro due to cost and the custom logo was not removed. I have attempted to revert back to the standard Smartsheet logo 20+ times since October 2021, but the coding doesn't hold. As soon as I refresh the page, it goes back to a custom logo which is no longer appropriate for my business. All forms have had to be set to Plain in order for the logo to be hidden since it's not accurate.

I've opened 3 tickets with support since Oct 2021 and received nothing except an automated response that they are busy.

This is not a complicated issue, but Smartsheet has AN ISSUE that needs to be resolved.

I don't expect anyone to have a resolution since this is the easiest thing to change in the application, but there is clearly a coding bug.

I'm posting in hopes that someone at Smartsheet will get this crap together and resolve the issue since support is never going to respond to a ticket.