Do we have report filters that can filter something like "Last-Week" Workdays only?


I need a filter to filter performed task in a weekly basis without inputting the dates.

Currently I use the filter "between ddmmyy and ddmmyy to create the reports. This is time consuming because I have to reset the dates manually weekly and with a lot of projects, it is gradually becoming unsustainable.

Now, I can see "in the past xdays" but this considers all days and counts from the current day, so, it does not give me the desired result.

I need some kind of a report filter to have a view of work done in a weekly manner for "Last Week", "Current Week" without using dates in the filter. Any help will be appreciated.

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  • Jeff Reisman
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    @Edidiong Obot

    Consider a helper column utilizing the WEEKNUMBER function.

    =WEEKNUMBER(TODAY()) - WEEKNUMBER(YourDateColumnName@row)

    If the date on that row is in the current week, this should equal 0. If it's last week, this will equal 1.

    For filtering for rows in the current week, set your filter to give you rows where helper column = 0; for rows from last week, helper column = 1.


    Jeff Reisman

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