Pull hours worked (from Resource Management) to column in a Project Plan (in SmartSheet)?

Brand new user here, so I am climbing the learning curve.

I just created a simple test project in Resource Management. I also created a Smartsheet project plan (i.e., a grid) that matches the Resource Management project. Resource Management is enabled.

For now the project plan includes columns showing the amount of time expected per task (as hours, which was used to create the budget reflected in RM) and the expected duration (in days) for each task.

(And yes to enable full blown Resource Management the project plan also has columns for assignees and allocation.)

I would like the project plan to include a column showing the actual number of hours worked, based on timesheet entries. I'd also like to have a separate column showing the actual number of days worked on the project.

Can I do this in the grid? Or must I do it through a report or some other way?