New Brandfolder integrations for work and digital asset management


Hey Community-

I wanted to drop a note here to let you know about some cool new features for managing work and content with deeper integrations between Smartsheet and Brandfolder. Brandfolder’s core functionality is now native in Smartsheet. The ability to find, add or upload assets right from a sheet creates a better workflow to navigate, search, use or deliver assets efficiently.

Attach from Brandfolder- Attach assets from Brandfolder to your sheet with a new entry point in the right rail. Brandfolder remains the source of truth, and anyone who can view the sheet can view the attached assets.

Upload to Brandfolder- Upload attachments from Smartsheet to Brandfolder.

2-Click Publish to Brandfolder- Publish a completed proof from Smartsheet to Brandfolder.

Brandfolder Insights Data in Smartsheet- Pull user and asset data directly from Brandfolder Insights into Smartsheet.

You can find all the details, along with the history of how we got here, on the Brandfolder blog.