Formula to return 'TBA' if cell contains text 'TBA'



I'm currently using this formula which works:

=IF([\[H\] Variance (%)]@row < 0, "Under Budget", IF([\[H\] Variance (%)]@row = 0, "On Budget", IF(AND([\[H\] Variance (%)]@row > 0, [\[H\] Variance (%)]@row < 0.15), "Moderate Budget Overrun", IF([\[H\] Variance (%)]@row > 0.15, "Significant Budget Overrun"))))

However, I would like to add that if the cell contains 'TBA', then the value will return 'TBA' instead of 'Under Budget', 'On Budget'...etc. How can I do that?


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