Rows added/Changed Trigger automation is not working based on columns referencing another sheet?

I have a sheet that is supposed to move rows to another sheet if a column is checked.

Well its not working. It only works if I manually change a cell within that row.

In the second screenshot above, in the "d" column, there's a lookup formula that checks if the column to its left is not blank. If column "d" is not blank then it will be checked. The column "Ready to archive" is referencing another sheet. So its a vlookup that based on if a project is in another sheet. If the project is not there, then its blank.

When column "d" is checked I want that row moved and its not happening.

Some background on this process that may help:

This is an archive process that's going on between multiple sheets.

Sheet A is the main sheet. This is the sheet where the user manually checks a box and that row will move to an archive sheet (Archive Sheet A).

Sheet B, which is shown above has data based on sheet A. Sheet B also has its. own archive sheet (Archive Sheet B), which is where I am trying to move the rows to. So Sheet B looks in Archive Sheet A, and see if a project is in there (To be Archive Column). If the project is in there those column fields are filled with data as seen above.

The workflow automation should look at that check box and see that its checked and move the rows. I think the trigger is not working. Remember, that check box was unchecked on sheet B at first until I move the rows from Sheet A to Archive Sheet A

Smartsheet is not counting when that check box is checked as a row change. I tried other methods as well, like set my automation condition to when column "to be archived" is not blank. Same results.

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