Off-line Client / Integration or Workflow Recommendations for Smartsheet


My very short question is: After researching that Smartsheet does not offer a desktop client or offline mode, are there any software solutions on the market that offer an integration from Smartsheet to a client based application; or perhaps a workflow you've worked out for offline users?

Our Story

Smartsheet became an invaluable tool and really proved its flexibility and capability to our organization throughout 2020 & 2021. In 2020, my company, Ball Corporation, launched an entirely new business unit, the Ball Recyclable Aluminum Cup.

Using Smartsheet with a couple of very basic Microsoft integrations, we self developed, built and executed a hefty set of integrated project & resource plans, RAID logs, Kanban boards and Dashboards to stand-up a brand new manufacturing process, a new manufacturing plant, and an entirely new IT infrastructure; which included software heavyweights SAP and Dassault Apriso, in support of this new business venture. We launched on time and on-budget and it was and is the exact right tool for the time and the situation we were in, given that due to the pandemic 95% of the knowledge-based user work was completed off-site and remote.

Today, however, we're starting to return to a new version of normal, and that does mean that global travel is picking back up. It is also starting to challenge my Smartsheet users who can't always be on-line when traveling.

It absolutely pains me to honor a request to cut projects back over to Office $365M, but I do owe it to certain PMO teams & resources to keep them productive when infrastructure is still coming up to speed. If anyone has even an obscure recommendation or workflow, I'd love to hear about it.

Additionally, you can learn more about the Ball Recyclable Aluminum Cup in a short clip from Jason Mamoa from GoT and Aquaman fame here: