Attachments to appear in body of email?


Hi! Is there a way for the Smartsheet notification to include in the body of the email, attachments associated with a sheet? For example, when using the proof feature, or doing an "update request" and selecting "attachments", can the email that is triggered include the attachment in the body of the email without the recipient having to click the sheet and open it? Or click a link to open it? Please no suggesting the app, we cannot use the app. Many thanks in advance.

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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @kfkfkfkf_343

    Attachments will be included in Alert type of workflows as an attachment if the trigger for the workflow is that an attachment was added. The user will still need to download or open the attachment, it won't be displayed fully in the body of the email.

    Update Requests include attachments regardless of trigger, but the user will need to open the actual Update Request to see the file to download (versus seeing them directly in the email). Here's another Community thread with an example image of how Comments appear in an Update Request - Attachments will appear in the same way (again, not fully visible, but available for download).

    See this Help Article for more information: Selecting what’s included in an alert or request.

    The only way for an image to appear in the actual body of the email without it being an attachment is if you have this image embedded in a cell. See: Include a Picture or Other Image in Your Sheet.