Smartsheet Function that Calculate Number of Days Between Today's Date and the Task End Date

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I need help creating a formula to help me a couple of things.

1) First, I want to calculate the number of days from Today to the End Date of a task.

2) Then based on the number returned, I want to setup Conditional Formatting to highlight the Status column Red (0-2 days), Yellow (3-4 days) or Green (5+ days).

Is this the NETWORKDAY Function and if so, can you share how to set this up or what the formula is?

Thanks for your help!




  • J Tech
    J Tech ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Des,

    In your days remaining you could enter [End Date]@row-Today()

    Based on the above you can simply setup conditional formatting.


    J Tech

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  • Des
    edited 03/28/22

    Thanks, JTech. I was able to configure the following formula which worked:

    =NETWORKDAYS(TODAY(), [End Date]@row)

    I then used that column to add Red, Yellow and Green symbols with this formula:

    =IF([Working Days]@row < "4", "Red", IF([Working Days]@row < "6", "Yellow", IF([Working Days]@row > "5", "Green")))

    But how do I stop the RYG formula from populating blank cells, like cells in the parent row and a few rows of text above the actual project schedule we we've entered some additional text?


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