Automatically generate parent row with child rows via form?


I'm trying to modify a form with a simple grid sheet so that the input of new information via the submission of the form will cause another sheet to automatically generate a blank parent row with (1) the information from the original form and (2) attached child rows.

In other words, the ideal final process would be:

  1. Someone fills out Form A
  2. A new row is created in Data Sheet A, which is attached to the form, with the data from Form A
  3. A new parent row with its subsequent children rows is created in Data Sheet B, a separate sheet. Ideally, this parent row would be populated with the information from the new row created in Data Sheet A.

The purpose this would serve is that the original Form A and Data Sheet A are meant to be new hire intake forms, and Data Sheet B would be a compilation of hiring checklists for new hires, where each parent row and its children is an independent checklist. In summary, I want to make it so that each time the intake form is filled out, a new hiring checklist is created in Data Sheet B, where the parent row of the checklist is filled with information from the original form.

Please let me know if there is a solution to this issue, or if there are any other methods I could use to create a similar process.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @toribear

    There currently isn't a way in Smartsheet to auto-generate Hierarchy (parent/child relationships) or to auto-generate a set list of rows after an initial row submission. Please provide your feedback to our Product team through this form, here!

    I would personally have a reference sheet that houses all the Parent/Child combinations or the possible checklists that would be needed based on each submission. Then you could use a Copy Row Workflow to initially copy the Submission to Sheet B, and then manually copy/paste the correct grouping of Children from your reference sheet beneath this Parent row.

    See: Copy and paste hierarchy