Question regarding a Form, Automated work flow, and Request an Update.


I have a form with an automated work flow. Three of the cells are for names - actually email address. The column properties are set as "Contact List..."

The last question on the form is "Request an update". The default selection is "Yes"

How I am hoping how this will work is as follows:

John Doe enters the three cells with names (email addresses)

Completes the form or completes as much as possible.


The "Request an Update..." function sends the form to all three people.

Any of the three can add/edit/correct the form and resubmit.

Process again repeats unless the person now says "No" to "Request an Update..."

Does this sound correct for what I hope to achieve?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @DanielGD

    If you have a Form set up to create a new row on the sheet, then an Update Request workflow with three Actions (three Update Request actions sending to the three different contact cells if the "Yes" is checked) then yes, you will send out an update request type of form to each of the selected contacts.

    See: Automatically request updates on tasks

    The tricky thing is if you want this process to repeat, after the initial update request. In this instance you would need a second trigger versus using the same "Yes" from before.

    For example, you could have another field called "Request More Updates?" and have the user check that box when they fill out the form from their email. This second checkbox could be the trigger for a second round, sending out another 3 update requests.

    Keep in mind that if one of the contacts hadn't filled out their First request, and another user checks the "Request More Updates" box it could mean they end up having 2 requests for the same row in their inbox. I would perhaps suggest that the "Request More Updates" is a box that is only checked by the user managing the sheet if the initial updates weren't enough.



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