Using a dropdown to pull duplicates


I have created a "helper" column to help me find duplicate entries within a row. So all of my columns are going to be drop down entries so as to avoid spelling or typo issues. If a person appears in "Faculty on PTO" I need to be alerted if they are entered in any other cell for that date. I can easily set up conditional formatting on the "Duplicates" row to catch attention. But I'm having issues setting up a formula to detect the duplicates. Here is my current formula which is in the "Duplicates" row. =COUNTIFS([General Attending]@row:[Neuro ICU Attending-DAYS]@row(HAS = [Faculty on PTO]@row))

I really hope a formula can be entered to search via Column name rather than having to enter each person's name within the formula because that will change frequently enough to be a time sink.

I'm also including a screenshot of my Smartsheet, just know it doesn't contain all of the columns.


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