How to get calendar view to open to today's date

Robyn Lee
Robyn Lee ✭✭
edited 04/07/22 in Smartsheet Basics

I've read through some other discussion questions posted online and watched the calendar view video but can't seem to find a solution for this issue. My whole team uses a sheet to track our projects. We input the data in grid view and switch to calendar view to see what the next few weeks look like. Up until last week when any of us toggled from grid view to calendar view, the calendar view would open to "today's date". Something has shifted and now when we switch between grid and calendar view it is opening to a random date. It is opening to 1996 for one team member, 1994 for another, and It was opening to 2006 for me up until a few moments ago when it switched to 2013. I've done a scan of the 1000+ lines and there aren't any dates prior to 2021 in the sheet. It's quite frustrating to have to scroll through decades of empty calendars to get to the current date every time we shift views. Any tips or insight here? I've included a few screen shots below to help illustrate how odd this is, especially since it just started happening for everyone on the sheet randomly. Any tips or insight would be appreciated. Thank you!

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