Organizing Folders and or Workspaces that work for non linear brains... Dyslexic and ADHD

I don't store most of my work (copies of invoices, important emails, inspection reports, work orders, parts diagrams, etc) in a typical folder, subfolder or nested folder system. To me, it is a blob of letters and numbers when searching for anything. I also don't have a brain that can go to my desktop and find an icon from a sea of 100 icons. I use Evernote for 99% of my content due to its structure. It works better in my head that's more logical to how I organize. Plus I can find anything quickly even with very little search info.

One way I use Smartsheet is for a daily journal/todo/calls/emails/planner etc. A while back, my account would only allow 10 sheets, so I would covert each sheet ( a week's worth or so) to a pdf and send it to Evernote. That way all the content is searchable besides titles and tags. The only downside was if I attached a file/image to the sheet, I would manually have to send it to Evernote as well.

Now that my account has unlimited sheets, (Thank you Smartsheet!) I don't have to free up sheets all the time and keep more important info right in the app instead of converting a sheet to a pdf or even better, an excel file to store for later then bring back into Smartsheet. ( Excel is too complicated and clunky).

So I don't intend to replace Evernote with Smartsheet. But I would like to utilize the app more (using the mobile app, using it with Outlook etc) and keep more of my digital content in Smartsheet. But having several folders with several subfolders of sheets looks like trouble.

Any ideas for an impaired brain that needs an accommodation? Thank you kindly.

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  • Duane J. Hoffbauer
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    @Jeff Reisman Thank you for taking the time to comment. I certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness. I will certainly use and apply your input.

    I don't make an effort to be negative, but I do acknowledge my realities. Many call ADHD a gift. It's only has been a scourge for me.

  • Jeff Reisman
    Jeff Reisman ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Duane J. Hoffbauer

    Over the past year I discovered that TikTok (aka Short-Attention-Span Theater) has a treasure-trove of short videos (1-3 minutes) from all sorts of people with various forms of ADHD with their insights, tips, tricks, and coping mechanisms for thriving with ADHD. Many of these took me years to figure out on my own, others were brand-new and are already helping me and my sons better manage. Best of luck to you, sir!


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    Link: Smartsheet Functions Help Pages Link: Smartsheet Formula Error Messages

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