Deleted row showing up in report - repost


(Sorry, I accidentally accepted an answer, so am reposting.)

I am seeing a few rows that were deleted months ago show up in a report. Since they're "not there" in the source sheet, there's no way for me to remove them!

Has anyone else had the same trouble? Did you find a solution if so?




  • Jacinta
    Jacinta ✭✭

    I'm going to ask a simple silly question. are they really deleted? I thought I had accidentally deleted a bunch of rows a while ago. when what had really happened was that they had relocated themselves down the sheet a long long way - can you run a sort on your source sheet to confirm that they are not hiding somewhere?

  • mdcatlett
    mdcatlett ✭✭✭✭

    @Jacinta thank you! I was able to find where this row had hidden itself and really delete it. My fingers are crossed that it stays away this time - I don't understand why it has vanished twice and come back. But you were right - it was still on the page.