Anyone else have data clearing out of cells?

The issue I've been experiencing for approximately the past 2 weeks is this:

In a sheet or a report, I single-click a cell (to highlight it, not to go into edit mode within it). I leave it highlighted for just a few seconds, and it goes into edit mode on its own, as if I had double-clicked, but it also clears out all the data that was in that cell.

If I notice it immediately, I can use the Esc key to exit the cell and my data will return. Unfortunately I don't always notice (answering someone on Slack, looking at columns further on in the sheet, etc.) and I come back to my sheet with whatever had been in that cell missing, with the sheet having auto-saved after blanking it out.

I'm experiencing it on Edge, Chrome, and Firefox, all with cleared caches.

I did report it to Support on Tuesday, but have not heard back. Anyone else dealing with this or know of a solution or workaround? It's super frustrating.

Here's a screen recording - I click into the ZIV-5 cell, wait a few seconds, watch it blank itself out, then hit the Esc key.

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