SLOW everything runs very SLOW

smartsheet has a lot of features, and its not backed up with speed. we need speed, it's all smartsheet is about, stop telling us to minimize our sheets or use less conditional formulas, please start working on the speed for every features.


  • I would agree with what @George Lie says here. An app that basically works on the database model, must be capable of handling hundreds of thousands of rows of data.

    Smartsheet is an extremely well-designed (or almost an indispensable) solution, but perhaps the only aspect that makes it look somewhat weak, is the time it takes to open sheets containing a few thousand rows.

    All I can say is that the Smartsheet development team should find out the bottlenecks, and try to shift the job of processing / loading from local machines to the servers.

    My network bandwidth is 150+ Mbps, yet, a sheet with some 5000+ rows takes several, several seconds!

    One can expect to have just a few hundred rows in a sheet if it's been built to manage a project. But if a sheet is part of a database app, then storing more and more rows of data everyday (and no trading with speed!) is one of its very basic prerequisites!

    I'd really love to witness the day when we'll overcome this slow loading issue that I face almost every single day.

    (PS: there are about 150+ users who add at least one or two rows of data everyday to my app; and although I keep splitting the data across several sheets, I can't continue this split practice for ever).