Have there been updates to automation?

I've noticed recently that automation doesn't seem to be working... have there been any updates/changes recently? A basic workflow to update a cell value is not working:

This workflow has been working without fail for nearly a year, and now all of a sudden, the cell value is not being updated. I cannot say how long this has been an issue, perhaps a week or so.

Any help would be appreciated :)


  • Still don't know why the automation isn't working, but as a workaround, I created a new, single-select, drop-down field, and set up a workflow to change the content of THAT field when a comment is added or changed in the row - this does seem to work.

  • I believe I have recently been experiencing something similar. I have a Time Off Request sheet that loads new entries to the top of the form and recently the two formula fields, dynamically filled based on the two row entries below, have been getting set incorrectly causing the formula to break for additional entries.

    I've also found that this isn't consistent; it will work properly for a few entries one day and then mess up on other entries the next day.

    According to the provided Activity Log function, these would be set correctly when the row is first created, but then a "Smartsheet Automation" would change these two formula fields to incorrect values about 6 seconds later. The only "Smartsheet Automation" (if this refers to my workflow automations and not underlying Smartsheet operations) that fires around that time is a "Request for Approval" but I don't see how or why this would impact these two formula screw ups (but they seem to correlate).

    I've run the current application for a few years now and never have seen this issue before. Also, I am the only one with edit access (Admin) to this sheet and I haven't changed the automation in all that time. This issue only seemed to begin occurring a few weeks ago (I first noticed it on 4/12/2022).

    I sure hope Smartsheet fixes this issue quickly!

  • Automation still is not working at our account.

    In the past we where able to deside who will be informed:

    an authorized user

    someone with a license


    this options are gone. So maybe no one will be informed?