#DIVIDE BY ZERO Error message

The below formula is being used to count items (Installed) & items (Complete) against a cell value (Protection plate) in a sheet summary to produce a %percentage (Complete). The is being used in multiple sheet summaries to compile an overall %percentage (Complete).

The formula works great, however if the column [Protection Plate]1:[Protection Plate] does not have a cell value I am getting a #DIVIDE BY ZERO Error message.

This in turn gives me an Error message on my overall average of %percentage (Complete).

=COUNTIFS([I (4)]1:[I (4)]9, 1, [C (4)]1:[C (4)]9, 1) / COUNT([Protection Plate]1:[Protection Plate]9)

=COUNTIFS([I (2)]:[I (2)], 1, [C (2)]:[C (2)], 1) / COUNT([Lock/Exit Device]:[Lock/Exit Device])


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